Plan toys is a Thai company that produces wooden toys for over 30 years, is one of the largest manufacturers of wooden toys in the world.

The Plan Toys toys are made in Planwood, a material made from the recycling sawdust of the rubber three. The sawdust is then mixed with organic pigments to 100% and with a quantity of less than 1% of glue.
PlanToys is the first company in the world that has managed to model wooden toys.
This production method and the raw materials used, allow creating wooden toys from shapes that were previously only achievable with plastic. This material is perfect for creating even games for the bath.

Another strong point is the color endurance. The colors are mixed with the sawdust, which means that if a child throws the toy on the floor, the color will not take away.

The Plan Toys Toys are designed to develop children’s imagination and at the same time to promote their physical and intellectual development.