The Crayon Rocks, unlike many pastels that are made of paraffin wax, are made from soy wax grown and processed in the USA. The wax is then added natural mineral pigments to create beautiful and durable vegan pastels that flow easily and can be faded … if you want you can also eat but we greatly prefer the use in art.

The first Crayon Rocks see the light in a garage in California, with a type of production very artisanal and limited quantities. They immediately enjoyed great success, and in 2014 they won the Silver Medal of the Parent’s Choice Awards. Today they are produced in Kentucky, with a more advanced type of production but always with a clear objective in mind: producing beautiful, safe and functional pastels!

The Crayon Rocks were designed by Barbara Lee, a support teacher who has worked with school children for 23 years. Barbara invented the Crayon Rocks inspired by the work of the occupational therapist Jan Olsen who focuses on the importance of a correct grip of pencils and pens for a pleasant and healthy learning of handwriting.

The particular shape of the Crayon Rocks facilitates the learning of the correct grip “tripod”: thanks to their shape are in fact difficult other types of grips (such as the “bite”) and the child is accompanied to set the correct position of the fingers . Their characteristic shape also increases the resistance of the pastel itself.

Thanks to their peculiarities, Crayon Rocks are used with satisfaction even by operators who work with children with special needs.

Crayon Rocks are suitable both for coloring large areas and for tracing thin lines; the colors fade easily, creating endless combinations. Their shape reinforces the muscles of the fingers involved in the gripping and writing operations. To achieve a finish similar to that of oil pastels, after finishing your artistic creation try to rub gently with your hand.